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آگوست 18, 2017


Delta Kar Co., A Private Joint-Stock Company, Was Established In 1339 To Design And Construct Road And Industrial Machinery In Tehran With The Registration Number 7271. During The Years 1339 To 1369, The Main Activity Of The Company Was Focused On The Construction Of Road And Building Machinery, Which Has Succeeded In Designing And Constructing A Damper, Sand Aggregate (Sand, Shale Sand, Feeder, Conveyor Belt, Silo, Etc.) Since 1990 , With The Aim Of Better Exploitation Of Decorative Stone Mines, The Company Has Succeeded In Designing And Manufacturing Diamond Wire Cutting Machines With A Stretch Control Technique, And So Far More Than 500 Diamond Wire Cutting Machines Have Been In Existence And Are In Operation. Considering The Company’s Capabilities, Abilities And Experience With The Favorable Conditions Of The Market, The Company Decided To Design And Manufacture Of Airport Ground Facilities Since 1376. In This Regard, More Than 15 Kinds Of Airport Ground Equipment, Including Body And Body Stretches, A Narrow Body, A Car Carrying A Patient, A Carriage Of Food, A Water Craft And A Car Wash Facility, And A Variety Of Cargo Transportation Equipment (Dolly, Types Of Standards , Carts, Trailers) And Have Been Made Available To Various Airlines. It Should Be Noted That The Company Has International Certificates Of Quality Management System ISO 9001: 2015, International Standard For Customer Complaint Processing ISO 10002: 2014 From The German TUV NORD Verifier Company ISIRI ISO 9001: 2015 (Certificate From The NACI) Production Approval (PA-11), From The Airline Organization Of The Islamic Republic Of Iran And Legal Membership In The Scientific Society Of The Governor Of The Islamic Republic Of Iran.